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Autism at School

When I open my Facebook page on most Monday mornings, I see pictures of my stateside niece’s and nephew’s’ weekend packed with soccer games, dance competitions and swim meets staring me in the face; on this side of the pond my only contribution to weekend Facebook displays is usually non-visual and goes more like this “And yet AGAIN because of homework, instead of enjoying our time relaxing, it was a weekend full of tension.” Of course, this type of rant doesn’t happen every weekend, but it does happen often and it brings up an interesting difference in the dynamics at play in both school systems and, in a broader sense, the role of school in each country in shaping the community.

Message from AAWE President – Diversity Together

As overseas Americans, we are far away from the 24/7 coverage of the protests in the U.S around Black Lives Matter, and missing out on the face-to-face discussions with American family, friends, and co-workers on this issue. For each of us in our own way, the recent events that started with George Floyd’s murder may be more difficult to process at a distance.

Welcome to the Environmental Task Force Blog

Tired of scanning labels to see what’s in your cleaning products?
Tired of paying a fortune for a lot of toxic chemicals?
Tired of the quantity of plastic containers being sent to landfill in the name of a clean house?

The Environmental Task Force was created to explore ways of transiting to more sustainable life styles.

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