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bilingualism - education - friendship - networking - advocacy - children

We are primarily American women, living permanently in Europe, enjoying our bicultural lives.
We cherish the sense of community and lifelong friendship we find as members.


Books and more

Quality books on education, Member magazine, forums, Facebook group...
There's lots to share and learn from friends who've 'been there'!


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Featured Event: Les Historiennes - the Second Empire

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Gain visibility with Americans in France through our high-quality printed magazine, AAWE News, or an affordable text ad in our weekly update. Advertise


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Cultivate your roots in France: AAWE is a dynamic community of American women residing in France, enjoying bicultural lives. Join Us!


Mission and Vision

AAWE’s Mission is to be the reference for women with strong American ties looking for a cultural “home”, an advocacy base, an information source, a support and social network, and an avenue for community service.


Press Kit

Our club was founded in the quest for citizenship rights, and continues to support American women in Europe. Learn more...

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our Task Force

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Mission Lunch


lunch to the needy

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FAWCO Target


a global program

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