AAWE In-Kind Donations

AAWE Members have stepped into action!

We are out of Covid hibernation and once again revving up our outreach initiatives! The response has been tremendous and it is clear that community involvement is at the very heart of AAWE’s DNA.

Here are a few of the initiatives that have happened in the last four months!

Cité des Dames

AAWE has again helped the women in dire straits at the Cité des Dames in the 13th arrondissement. Last year we donated over 1000 € in clothing, shoes and toiletries. As part of La Centre Espoir – Cité de Refuge the center unconditionally welcomes women everyday and provides showers, food and respite social care to women with no where else to go. They are looking for volunteers to do short workshops or just to sit and talk to the women who drop in. For more information about needed donations or volunteering please contact Janine.

Clean Out your Closets!

Members gave over 300€ in clothing donations to the Cité des Dames for homeless women in Paris.

Empower Women to Achieve Economic Independence

Members gave approximately 500€ in professional women’s (and men’s) clothing to La Cravate Solidaire.

Donation Drive for Ukraine

With less than a week’s notice, members donated essential items for women and children refugees in conjunction with Boneshaker Donuts.

Personal Hygiene Product Donation

Again with less than a week’s notice, members donated female hygiene items, including three boxes of period products, that were distributed to refugee women in Paris.

Recover and Reuse

The majority of unsold items from the recent AAWE Mini-Bazaar/Retro Spring Sale, almost 40 bags, were donated to La Ressourcerie Créative, a non-profit association in the 14th arrondissement with a commitment to ecological enterprise and transition.