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Cultivate Your Roots in France

AAWE is a dynamic community of women representing a range of ages, backgrounds and experiences. We are mostly American women residing in Europe (specifically in France) enjoying bicultural lives.

Membership Benefits:

  • American holiday celebrations, networking, book club, writing group, film club, cultural tours,
  • Seniors group, Young Dames group, evening and weekend programs and more...
  • Speaker series - health, finance, wine, gastronomy, culture...
  • Panel discussions and projects concerning bilingual education and biculturalism
  • Monthly Happy Hour for professional networking
  • Quarterly AAWE News magazine and weekly electronic newsletters
  • Volunteer opportunities with local and global charities
  • Secured login access to the members-only website
  • Member discounts for Amis du Louvre, Carte Sésame, and other local businesses
  • A clubhouse in central Paris
  • In-house library of college prep workbooks and information on summer camps and programs in the US
  • FAWCO Membership (Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas) Education awards and development grant program opportunities through AAWE and FAWCO
  • And, last but not least, lifelong friendships.

We speak your language!

AAWE offers 2 types of membership:

Regular Members are women who hold American citizenship and live in France on a long-term basis.

Associate Members are other women or men who identify with AAWE's mission. 

Regular and Associate members enjoy the same benefits of membership, however, the office of President of AAWE may be held only by a regular member.

To learn more or apply, please contact our membership chair or complete an application form 

Membership expires each year in June, and dues vary depending on the month you join:

  • 55€ for new members who join in January, February or March
  • 70€ for new members who join in November or December
  • 90€ for new members who join in April to October
  • 115€ for new members who join in January to March and prefer to take 16-month membership, running until June of the following year
  • 40€ for members aged 35 or younger at the time of joining

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Photo courtesy of Eric Hian-Cheong

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