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How does being bilingual change kids’ brains? And why can’t I lose that “cute” foreign accent?

By Anjali Morard Our brains are constantly changing. Even as adults, we can learn new skills, meet new people, or, conversely, almost completely forget people we knew years ago and used to think about every day. Children’s brains are especially changeable, or “plastic” as neuroscientists say. This is why they can learn things, like new […]

The French National Curriculum for Pre-School and Elementary School

By: Barbara Moross,Former Head of Lower School – American Section, Lycée International de Saint Germain-en-Laye In France, education is mandatory beginning at age three, and parents are expected to enroll their children in the first year of Pre-school or Maternelle. The three years of Maternelle, Petite Section, Moyenne Section, and Grande Section, make up the […]