Janine Brimbal

English Teacher
Education: BS Communication Education- University of Wisconsin-Madison 1971
MA- Performing Arts American University, Washington, DC 1979
Career: When a brilliant career as a famous surgeon was cut short by an unfortunate chemistry grade, Ms. Brimbal decided to try to find some other way to heal the world’s ills. A fortuitous reading of Jerzy Grotowski’s seminal book led her to discover “alternative theatre”. Sheer luck brought her into contact with Mabou Mines, Murray Lewis, Tom Paxton, for over 25 years. (She hasn’t owned a television since 1974)

At some point however, everyone has to find a job. Love of great literature qualified her as a Title I drama resource teacher. Using Creative Drama and alternative theatre she was able to eke out a meagre existence in Washington, D.C. While clowning around the nation’s capitol disguised as a bear or the tap-dancing-Empire-State-Building, she taught drama at the Smithsonian Institution, participated in the Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts Eduational Projects and the National Committee – Art for the Handicapped (now Very Special Arts) research and training projects. In Cleveland, Ohio she was an active arts consultant and director of a project to assist schools in their integration of children with disabilities. Another chance encounter led to a tour including the Alternative Theatre Festival in Nancy, France. The food in France convinced to her stay. Directing shows at the local Lycée, and reading and dramatizing stories for school children improved her French.

Currently residing in Paris, France as an educator, performer and citizen of Planet Earth she continues to work in a variety of settings. Ms. Brimbal believes that high quality live performances are indispensable to the continuation of the human race. Looking towards the future with trepidation she maintains – “I believe theatre is an essential element of society.”

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