Education Seminars

AAWE is an established authority on bilingual education.

We have over a half-century of experience supporting parents raising bicultural children. Our AAWE Guide to Education in France, now in its 8th edition, is the go-to reference on education and school options for bicultural and international families in France.
Beyond the Bac - Higher Education in France and Abroad is for students who have completed their secondary school in France, as well as for graduates from abroad who are considering pursuing higher education in France.

AAWE organizes the popular "Which School is Right for My Child?" school fair, enabling parents to meet with representatives from bilingual and international schools located in Paris and the greater Paris region. AAWE provides logistical support for the annual CIS Paris College Day held in central Paris. Both these school fairs are open to the general public and draw large crowds.

The Education/Bilingualism Committee at AAWE organizes numerous lectures and panel discussions such as  “Moving Up to CP”, “Moving Up to Collège”, “Raising a Child in the Digital Age”, “Trends Shaping Education”, “Bullying”, and “The Parent Factor in Education”.

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