The Association of American Women in Europe, known by its acronym AAWE, was founded in 1961 as the Association of American Wives of Europeans. Our Story

We are a vibrant, multi-generational association of mostly American women, living permanently in France, who enjoy our bicultural lives. For nearly sixty years, AAWE has provided a warm welcome and a cultural home for American women in France.

Regular Members are women who hold American citizenship and live in France on a long-term basis. Associate Members are other women and men who identify with AAWE’s mission.

AAWE is a non-profit volunteer association, and is a member of FAWCO, the Federation of American Women's clubs Overseas.
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Board members

Beth Austin

Beth Austin

Rebecca Park

Rebecca Park
Vice President Administration

Jennifer Hua

Jennifer Hua

Barbara Ginsbach

Barbara Ginsbach
Recording Secretary


Nadine Flamenbaum
Secretary of Communications


Pamela Combastet


Michelle Parker
FAWCO Representative

Rosemary CheylusRosemary Cheylus
JeriJeri Yoshida
Jill Clement

Jill Clément
Vice President Programs

AAWE, Association of American Women in Europe
34 avenue de New York, 75116 Paris, France

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