New Member Dues

This page provides a convenient way to pay your AAWE membership dues online via credit card, debit card or PayPal account balance.

AAWE is offering a special 70€ Summer Introduction membership for new members for a full year membership.

If you are aged 35 or younger the membership dues is 40€ any time of year.  

Come see what we have to offer and get ahead of the fall rush by joining now!

New Member Dues Payment

Please select the amount for your joining month. New Member dues are pro-rated based on your joining month. Dues are renewed each year in May.

Month when you join AAWE
Joining Month 
April - Oct (membership runs through May of the following year) 90€
Nov/Dec (membership runs through May of the following year) 70€
January - March (membership runs through May of that year) 55€
January-March joiners have an option of 16-month membership
(running through May of the following year)
Members aged 35 or younger at the time of joining 40€

Membership dues may also be sent by check, payable to AAWE and mailed to AAWE, 34, avenue de New York, 75116 Paris.

The AAWE membership year is from June 1st until May 31st. Renewals are in May for a year term starting June 1st. Senior members and non-resident members pay a lesser annual amount upon renewal.

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