Your clubhouse in your mailbox!

The News is AAWE’s quarterly print magazine. The News seeks to gather and reflect the dynamism of AAWE. Each issue involves the contribution of over 50 members, including the News staff, writers, photographers, and artists.

The Mission of AAWE News is to:

  • Help members to know their Association, as well as to know their fellow members
  • Explore the heart of bicultural life
  • Stimulate involvement in our community
  • Keep members up-to-date by covering events and initiatives
  • Involve as many members as possible
  • Serve as a platform for creative expression

In the words of our Editor: "The News is a platform to share our talent...and insights, and projects, and experiences, and ideas. And it is on paper! Yes. With a shelf life, a distinct smell, and glossy pages to touch and turn. The News is a feast for the eyes that doesn't involve incessant blue back light, but rather the soft light of a dove grey Paris sky. And may I add that you can read it safely in the bathtub, and access it deep in a metro tunnel?!"


Communicate with the American Community in France - Advertise

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