AAWE Guide to Education in France, 8th edition, 2013

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The pillar publication of AAWE, now in its 8th edition, offers 450 pages of comprehensive information about educating children in France and includes a directory of over 200 bilingual and international schools throughout the country. Covering preschool through secondary schooling, topics range from choosing and enrolling in a school, to changing schools or moving between education systems, to secondary school paths and the French baccalauréat exam. Chapters discuss integrating into school from abroad, special learning needs, bilingualism, and reinforcing English. The go-to reference for families who need to understand the French education system and schooling options, the Guide accompanies international parents right through their child's education in France. This edition offers expanded French/English glossaries and a section of model “notes to the teacher”.

Table of Contents here.

Beyond the Bac - Higher Education in France and Abroad, 2nd edition, 2020

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Essential information about higher education options in France and abroad. Explains the structure and workings of the French higher education system and the recent reforms. Chapters devoted to the gap year, universities, prépas, grandes écoles, specialized schools, grad school for the international graduate, studying in English in France and other EU countries, and glossary of relevant French acronyms and terms. Separate chapters devoted to higher education in the US, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands and Australia, address education structures, application procedures, deadlines, financial aid and much more. Anecdotal comments from bicultural students provide a personal glimpse into various educational experiences. Table of Contents here.

Let Them Eat Cake!

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Bilingual cookbook with 100 favorite yummy American desserts! From cookies to pies, frozen desserts to recipes for kids, and let's not forget the cake. Tips and hints, where to buy hard-to-find ingredients in France. Recipes in English and French make this a fun gift.


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