Les Historiennes

A series of activities exploring the Second Empire in France

Les Historiennes runs throughout Fall 2020, with lectures, discussions, guided walks and museum visits, all centred on the French Second Empire.

Overview and Legacy of 
the Second Empire

Stéphane Kirkland, of Arcadis and Sciences Po, is the author of Paris Reborn: Napoléon III, Baron Haussmann, and the Quest to Build a Modern City (St. Martin’s Press). His lecture via zoom on Thursday October 8 at 5pm offers a vivid and engrossing account of the greatest transformation of a major city in modern history, when the Paris we know today was born - the vision of an endlessly ambitious Emperor Napoléon III and his unstoppable accomplice, Baron Haussmann. Reserve above (15€) for your link to the zoom conference.

hstrbovarybkMadame Bovary 
Book Discussion

Join Sharon Nossiter and members of AWG
 for this discussion on Wed Oct 21, at 5pm. Places are limited. RSVP by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is no charge for this event.

hstrgardenAlphand's Gardens and Bourgeois Neighborhoods Walking Tour

Rosemary Cheylus leads this visit to Parc Monceau, seeing it through the eyes of the new bourgeois. Walk through their luxurious Second Empire neighborhoods in the newly developed 17eme arrondissement catching glimpses of the past,  the housing plans, the gracious boulevards, and see the visual luxury that was intended.  What is the message intended for the viewer in this style of garden and in Haussman's new neighborhoods? Come learn about Alphand's Gardens, and what makes them enjoyable and unique.
Starting point: Place du Général Brocard and Avenue Van Dyck, 75008. Ending point: Place de la République Dominicaine and Boulevard de Courcelles 75017. Reserve above (
8€). Thurs Oct 22, 2pm

hstrhaussmanHaussmann Paris 
Walking Tour

Join Margo De Ley, Chevalière des Palmes Académiques, in a guided walk through a Paris neighborhood transformed by Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann following the vision of Emperor Napoléon III. The streets and buildings to be selected for the tour will be based on those featured in Stephane Kirkland’s book, Paris Reborn. The precise starting and ending points will be announced by AAWE on October 2. 
Reserve above (8€) 
Thurs Nov 5, 2pm

hstrbattleThe Battle for Modern Art in Second Empire Paris

Chris Boïcos of Paris Art Studies Lecture. 
Reserve above (15€) Thurs Nov 12, 5pm

hstrbonheurAu Bonheur des Dames Book Discussion

Prof. Robert Zaretsky of University of Houston leads a discussion of Au Bonheur des Dames/The Ladies’ Paradise, by Emile Zola 
Reserve above (6€50) Fri Nov 20, 5pm

hstrbovaryfilmMadame Bovary 
Film Discussion

Valerie Sutter, of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Florida, leads a Madame Bovary film discussion
. Recommended films:  1991 in French or 2014 in English; access via rental or purchase depending on your location and memberships. Reserve above (6€50)
 Wed Dec 2, 5pm

hstrmuseeD’Alésia à Rome:
 l’Aventure Archéologique de Napoléon III for

Join us in visiting this exhibition at Musée d’Archéologie Nationale, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, and discuss afterwards in a café. For Individuals and Families. Ticket is 9€ for museum and exhibition. Coordinator:  Margo De Ley, Chevalière des Palmes Académiques. Meet in front of museum entrance. Sun Dec 13, 1:30pm


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