Which School is Right for My Child? School Fair

Which School is Right for My Child? School Fair


Saturday February 1, 2020 from 3-5:30 pm at the American Church in Paris


AAWE presents a biennial school fair, "Which School is Right for My Child?" at the American Church of Paris, 65, Quai d’Orsay, 75007 Paris, on Saturday, February 1, 2020, from 3-5:30 pm.

Directors, faculty and parent representatives from bilingual and international schools in and around the Paris region will exhibit their programs and answer your questions. Schools will be grouped by location to facilitate your search.

Pick up your complimentary copy of Paris Parents — the new issue of AAWE's magazine.

The AAWE Guide to Education and Beyond the Bac: Higher Education in France and Abroad will be available for purchase.

If you are looking for your child’s first school, thinking about changing schools or investigating maternelle, primaire, collège or lycée options, then please join us at this AAWE-sponsored event.
FREE Admission
OPEN to the Public

2020 participating schools are as follows:

2020 School Fair participants: Which School is Right for My Child?

AAWE is proud to share knowledge with the anglophone community through books such as Beyond the Bac - Higher Education in France and Abroad, the AAWE Guide to Education, and regular events including College Day, meetings on Moving Up to CP, Moving Up to Collège, plus frequent meetings about studying in the US, the educational system in France, and bilingualism. Join us today!!

guidetoedAAWE Guide to Education in France

Table of Contents

Education in France

• Understanding the French Education System, with a chart to compare grade levels in France, US and UK
• Maternelle
• Primary School, including A Parent's Guide to Primaire
• Collège
• Lycée, including Implementation of Recent Lycée Reforms
• French and International Diplomas
• Chart of the French Baccalauréat
• Without the Bac - Other Options
• Thinking Ahead - Beyond the Bac
• Chart of a Calendar for US College Applications
• The French Grading System

Practical Information for Parents

• Cahier de Correspondance - Model Notes to the Teacher
• French/English Dictionary of Back-to-School Supplies
• Glossary of French Acronyms and Terms
• Administration, Resources and Publications

Choosing a School and Enrolling

• Choosing a School for the Bilingual, Bicultural Child
• New in France - Choosing the Right School
• Enrolling in Public School
• Getting Permission to Change Schools
• Moving Around the World in the French School System

Other Schooling Options

• Les Classes à Horaires Aménagés
• Homeschooling
• Boarding School

Special Learning Needs

• Educating Children with Special Learning Needs in France
• Glossary of French Terms for Special Needs
• Dyslexia
• ADHD: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• The Gifted Child

Keeping Up Your Child's English

• Guidelines for Children's Bilingualism
• Sustaining and Reinforcing English in the Home
• Extracurricular Activities and Programs in English for the Bilingual Child
• School-based Extracurricular and Summer English Programs
• English Instruction Programs (nonschool-based)
• Artistic, Musical and Cultural Activities
• Associations with Activities for English-Speaking Children
• Places of Worship offering English Programs or Services
• Reading Activities
• Scouts and Guides
• Athletic Clubs and Sports
• Summer Camps in the United States
• Resources for Reinforcing English: Magazines, websites, bookstores

Directory of over 200 Bilingual and International Schools in France

• Paris
• Paris Suburbs: North, South, East, West
• Provinces: Center, East, Southeast, West, Southwest, Northwest

Get your copy of the AAWE Guide to Education here

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