AAWESOMES at Winter Festival 2019

Reserve your AAW€somes here, and collect them at the Winter Festival Welcome Desk on Friday Dec 6 or Saturday Dec 7.


AAWEsomes 2019


Another Innovation is coming your way for Winter Festival! Our own Bazaar currency - the AAW€some!!

We will be printing up glossy 5€ AAW€some bills for the Winter Festival. These will be sold in 50€ increments, but you'll get 55€ AAW€somes to spend at the sale! That is 10% additional purchasing power!!

With that extra, you can buy yourself another scarf, some snazzy earrings, three brownies, more books!!

Here is how an AAW€some works:

  • There is only one bill - a 5€ AAW€some - so they can be spent easily by the young or old on big or small items.
  • These AAW€some bills can be used at every stand except an outside vendor (understandable…).
  • They are good for use at this year's sale only - Dec 6 and 7, 2019 AAWE Winter Festival. There are no refunds on unused bills, and no change is given back, so at the end of the sale, if they haven't been used, you can leave them with us as part of your contribution.
  • Buy AAW€somes online here, and pick them up at the Winter Festival welcome desk, or buy them at the Winter Festival directly.
  • Happy shopping!
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